Brothers Daedalus Elphinstone

8 days Diving Safari in Egypt

Dive Spots on Brothers Daedalus Elphinstone

Explore the legendary Brothers, an underwater paradise that beckons diving enthusiasts from around the world. Small Brother East, Small Brother West, and Big Brother North offer a diverse array of marine life and captivating underwater landscapes.

Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters of the Brothers, where encounters with sharks, vibrant coral gardens, and underwater caves create a thrilling and visually stunning diving safari experience. The Brothers are a testament to the Red Sea’s rich biodiversity, making each dive a unique and unforgettable adventure.

Embark on an exhilarating journey to Daedalus, a remote and pristine dive site in the Red Sea. Known for its sheer walls and the chance to encounter large pelagic species, Daedalus offers a thrilling and immersive diving experience. Dive into the clear blue waters and witness the underwater wonders of Daedalus, from schools of hammerhead sharks to the vibrant marine life that inhabits the Nemo Island.

Daedalus is a must-visit destination for divers seeking a unique blend of adventure and marine biodiversity.

Conclude your safari with a visit to Elphinstone, a world-renowned dive site that captivates divers with its breathtaking underwater scenery. Elphinstone’s North and South sides offer a diverse range of underwater landscapes, from vibrant coral gardens to steep walls and the chance to encounter reef sharks. Dive into the clear waters surrounding Elphinstone and witness the beauty that makes this site a favorite among diving enthusiasts.

The night dive at Abo Dabbab adds a touch of magic to your Elphinstone experience, providing a unique perspective of the underwater world under the moonlight.

Conclude your diving safari adventure with two dives at Shaab Shona, a picturesque dive site surrounded by vibrant coral formations and clear waters.

Explore the final underwater treasures of your safari, encounter marine life in their natural habitat, and create lasting memories during your dives at Shaab Shona.


Embark on the Ultimate Egyptian Underwater Odyssey with Brothers Daedalus Elphinstone Dive Safari!

Discover the hidden treasures of the Red Sea with our Brothers Daedalus Elphinstone Dive Safari. Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Egypt and explore the stunning marine life of these renowned dive sites. An adventure of a lifetime awaits!

On your first day, you’ll arrive at the boat and complete the check-in process, getting ready for your exciting Dive Safari in Egypt.

Start your day with a delicious breakfast at 8 am, then depart from the marina. You’ll begin with a check dive to ensure everyone’s readiness, followed by lunch on board. Later, you’ll have your second dive before sailing for approximately 6 hours overnight to your next destination.

Your day will start with the breathtaking Brothers Islands. Early in the morning, you’ll dive at Small Brother East and then enjoy a hearty breakfast. The second dive takes place at Small Brother West, and lunch is served on board. For your third dive, you’ll explore the wonders of Big Brother North, followed by approximately 10 hours of sailing overnight to reach Daedalus.

Your day kicks off with an early morning dive at Daedalus North East, followed by breakfast on the boat. You’ll dive again at Daedalus North West, and lunch will be served onboard. Your third dive will take you to the famous Nemo City.

Start your day with an early morning dive at Daedalus North East, followed by breakfast. You’ll dive again at Daedalus North West, and lunch will be served onboard. Conclude your day’s underwater exploration with a dive at the South side, followed by approximately 7 hours of sailing overnight.

Begin your day with an early morning dive at Elphinstone North side and enjoy breakfast on the boat. Dive once more at Elphinstone South side, followed by lunch onboard. Your third dive will take you to Abo Dabab, and you’ll end the day with a thrilling night dive at Abo Dabab.

You’ll have two dives at Shaab Shona before starting your journey back to the marina. Return to the boat for a final night on board.

On your last day, enjoy breakfast on board and prepare to disembark, concluding your unforgettable Dive Safari in Egypt adventure with Dive&Smile.

Dear divers! Please note that the itinerary may be subject to changes due to weather conditions or other factors beyond our control.
Additionally, be aware that the marina location for the start and finish of the diving safari may also be subject to change.
Rest assured, all planned diving safari locations will be visited, but the sequence may be adjusted for your safety and the best possible experience.

Thank you for your understanding!

The price includes:

The price includes:

Available Dates & Prices
for Brothers Daedalus Elphinstone Dive Safari:

1250€ per Person
1300€ per Person
1250€ per Person
1300€ per Person
1300€ per Person
1300€ per Person

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